Tuesday, October 13, 2009

When I first decided to get back into photography, it was because I wanted to appreciate the beauty of the things around me. It's very hard to break away from "the grass is always greener" mindset. That's not something you can do with photography. Photography is snapping present moment. You can wait for the shot, but what you get is what is there.

I had started taking pictures of parks and places nearby. Photography forced me to go out into the sun and find memories. I'm really not good yet, and I always forget to switch some setting or other. To my surprise (and much happiness!) one of my photos got picked for an online DC guide.

I didn't get any royalties for it or anything, but it was good to be featured somewhere. It's great encouragement!

I have to start editing my other photos next! It's just so much work sometimes, though!

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