Friday, December 4, 2009


I have to make up for those years of skipping piano practice. I really regressed, but, since I've been playing a bit more often the past month (I must have been doing something when I'm not blogging!) I kept playing the pieces I used to play a long time ago. Some, I had trouble playing again (my fingers had lost its old dexterity and agility). Happily, I'm regaining a bit of it back!

And as I continue to play, I find myself going crazy over Debussy. I haven't been practicing my Mozart Sonatas, not even Bach inventions (they used to be my favorites). Now, I just want to play the Debussy tunes one at a time!

First, I did Golliwog's Cakewalk. I heard it a long time ago and couldn't make heads and tails of it when I tried to play it, so I gave up. I forced myself to learn it this time around, and now, I realize it's so much fun to play! It makes my heart dance with it.

Second, I finally played Reverie from start to finish. When my piano teacher let me play it in my teens (or was it twenties?), she said it was too hard for me, but we'll try it anyway. It blocked my mind, and I kept thinking I couldn't play it. After forcing myself to sit through it and analyze, I finally got it! Yay!

Now, I am working slowly through Clair de Lune. I can play the first part now, the second part, slowly...and third part, hands separately right now. It's ok, though. I'm becoming more patient and am quite confident that I should be able to work my way through it.

Debussy's music to me, is like romantic watercolor in music. Whether it is the playfulness of Golliwog's Cakewalk, or the quiet tones of Reverie. His music has been described as impressionist, and I can understand why (though cannot explain it). When I play Debussy, my heart paints melodies in color. Emotions run away with my fingers. I never appreciated music as much before. I am in love!

I'm amazed at how I can learn on my own now. Of course, I had piano lessons when I was younger, for years. It seems that I've matured enough to play or learn with more patience. I am also reading some books on piano playing and piano technique, to supplement the practice.

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